Friday, August 13, 2010

"I deserve..."

Have you ever heard the phrase “I deserve…” followed by something you know the person cannot afford? “I deserve…” is becoming the mindset of most Americans, so of course the commercials are using it, “You deserve a home that you cannot afford! No money down!!!” and “You owe yourself this new sports car!!!” and my new favorite “You deserve an extravagant vacation without worrying about being able to afford it. You owe it to yourself and your family!!” Then after you get in debt over that, of course you deserve a government bailout for being stupid and wasteful with your money. People with the “I deserve” mindset need a reality check, starting with you do not deserve anything. The only thing we actually deserve is to go to Hell (Romans 8:28 “The wages of sin are death”). People get in to debt because they are wasteful, prideful, and have an “I deserve” mindset. The false idea that debt is okay is wrong and quite frankly, pagan; a Christian should not be in debt because debt makes the borrower a slave to the lender and Christians should only be bond servants to Christ. So, the next time you find yourself thinking “I deserve…” think of Hell.

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